The Fleur de lis symbol became the heart of the French monarchy and it's relationship to the church, through its legendary belief that this magnificent lily flower was given to Clovis,the first King of France as a symbol of his purification and...

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When French explorers founded Novelle Orleans in 1717, the magical symbol of the Fleur de lis was ablaze on their flags and since then has remained a constant symbolism etching it's way into the hearts and minds of people from every nation and walk...

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These were very quick to catch my eye as i have an array of wrought iron wall sconces in my home and I can tell you, the look is fabulous! The difference here is the highly decorative appeal of the Fleur de lis adding that special touch of...

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Throughout time there have been elements of nature we found pleasing to the eye and alluring to our imagination for what they aspired to represent. One such ancient emblem is the enduring Fleur de lis, which has come to mean so much to so many for...

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In stunning gold and black comes this picturesque comfort mat featuring the Fleur de lis in a  spectacular, Harlequin themed design.. The non-slip backing has a foam cushion which is designed to help with fatigue, feet and back pain that can...

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Welcome everyone to your home with an elegant "Fleur de .lis" door mat in gorgeous two-tone natural coloring that will appeal to all fans of this beautiful motif. What makes this mat even more special is it's Eco-friendly stamp of approval as...

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Often found in a French Country style of decor, the enduring color of olive green takes center stage here, pairing beautifully with a durable, "heat set olefin" rug, while at the same celebrating the grandeur and timeless quality of the Fleur de...

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If your home has a tribute here and there to the fabulous Fleur de lis, why not extend this decor style to the outdoors and install a rustic looking letterbox with embossed Fleur de lis symbols all around. This delightful mailbox is weatherproof...

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Ring the bell to announce your arrival and feel welcomed by all that live beyond the door.. Such is the spirit of a welcome bell and this one has all the hallmarks of a rustic/brown charmer that that may have been heralding in visitors to the home,...

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