The Fleur de Lis is a beautiful symbol and looks outstanding on this lovely cross featuring a gorgeous weathered copper finish that will create an amazing feature on the wall. I have a gorgeous Fleur de Lis cross on my living room wall, which always...

$24.50 as at 23:04 UTC. (Details)

The ageless Fleur de Lis emblem makes a grand statement on this antique brown, cast iron key hook adding a functional, decorative appeal to your entry way, kitchen with the look of yesteryear, rustic chic! Fleur De Lis Rustic Key Holder! Overall...

$14.99 as at 15:43 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis symbol became the heart of the French monarchy and it's relationship to the church, through its legendary belief that this magnificent lily flower was given to Clovis,the first King of France as a symbol of his purification and...

$139.99 as at 08:23 UTC. (Details)

These were very quick to catch my eye as i have an array of wrought iron wall sconces in my home and I can tell you, the look is fabulous! The difference here is the highly decorative appeal of the Fleur de lis adding that special touch of...

$34.99 as at 08:23 UTC. (Details)

Throughout time there have been elements of nature we found pleasing to the eye and alluring to our imagination for what they aspired to represent. One such ancient emblem is the enduring Fleur de lis, which has come to mean so much to so many for...

$8.99 as at 08:23 UTC. (Details)

In stunning gold and black comes this picturesque comfort mat featuring the Fleur de lis in a  spectacular, Harlequin themed design.. The non-slip backing has a foam cushion which is designed to help with fatigue, feet and back pain that can...

$26.98 as at 14:37 UTC. (Details)

Welcome everyone to your home with an elegant "Fleur de .lis" door mat in gorgeous two-tone natural coloring that will appeal to all fans of this beautiful motif. What makes this mat even more special is it's Eco-friendly stamp of approval as...

$15.99 as at 14:37 UTC. (Details)

Often found in a French Country style of decor, the enduring color of olive green takes center stage here, pairing beautifully with a durable, "heat set olefin" rug, while at the same celebrating the grandeur and timeless quality of the Fleur de...

$29.99 as at 14:37 UTC. (Details)

If your home has a tribute here and there to the fabulous Fleur de lis, why not extend this decor style to the outdoors and install a rustic looking letterbox with embossed Fleur de lis symbols all around. This delightful mailbox is weatherproof...

$72.78 as at 15:50 UTC. (Details)

Ring the bell to announce your arrival and feel welcomed by all that live beyond the door.. Such is the spirit of a welcome bell and this one has all the hallmarks of a rustic/brown charmer that that may have been heralding in visitors to the home,...

$14.39 as at 15:50 UTC. (Details)

If you want your kitchen to have a "high end" appeal you can do no better than adding this elegant "Fleur de lis" paper towel holder to the mix. it really is beautiful and will set the stage in your kitchen for a sophisticated, stately...

$57.23 as at 23:21 UTC. (Details)

Create a captivating wall feature, with this glamorous Fleur de lis "work of art!" This popular, ancient symbol has the ability to transcend decor trends and styles with it's innate beauty and symbolism that has special meaning to so many and...

$11.20 as at 13:44 UTC. (Details)

Add a little regal elegance to your wall with this affordable way to have the beautiful Fleur de lis on your wall. Yes its a wall decal, so easy to apply and a very affordable way to create a beautiful piece of art  in your home. Sheet size...

$20.97 as at 05:26 UTC. (Details)

Hang this "Fleur de lis" wind spinner on the patio, porch or indoors by a window where a breeze will start the movement that will will hypnotize you with a kaleidoscope of colors flashing before your eyes. The effect is captivating and something you...

$23.95 as at 14:49 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis has a colorful history which spans into the unknown, but none may be more mysterious than it's association with the Knights Templar's .. Here we have a  historic Knights helmet symbolized with the Fleur de lis and ready to take...

$13.45 as at 10:39 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis symbol lends itself superbly to this role as a highly decorative book end organizer and has been given the inspired look of an aged antiquity found, perhaps in an archeological dig somewhere in the south of France. They come in a...

$11.14 as at 11:11 UTC. (Details)

A stylish curtain rod can add so much character to a window setting and what could be more elegant and beautiful than a  golden rod in the image of the "Fleur de lis" The rod comes with two finials, two brackets and hardware for easy...

$19.99 as at 14:39 UTC. (Details)

This is a very simple way to have a gorgeous Fleur de Lis motif on your wall without the expensive of having to purchase a print or time consuming wallpaper.. It comes in the form of a wall decal which are generally easy to apply, reposition and...

$14.99 as at 05:26 UTC. (Details)

Take a glass pepper and salt shaker then add the enchanting Fleur de Li motif in gorgeous silver and you have a table accessory that is fit for a Royal banquet.. They have screw off lids and measure approx 2" x 2" x 3" Average review rating of...

$14.39 as at 04:11 UTC. (Details)

A highly decorative and elegant way to hold your garden hose on the wall... The Fleur de lis is a stunning symbol and matches perfectly with a bronze metal (100% recycled aluminum) look that is rust proof, weather resistant and designed to add a...

$36.76 as at 14:39 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking for kitchen or bathroom canisters that are a "cut above the rest" in design and visual appeal you will be pleased to know you have just stumbled upon a set of unique canisters that are hand-crafted from brown luster glass and...

$90.16 as at 14:36 UTC. (Details)

This cobalt blue, style color is always a popular choice in a Tuscany or French Country decor theme so this vase is bound to cause some excitement especially considering the fact that it is embellished with a beautiful Fleur de li motif.. The...

$21.99 as at 01:12 UTC. (Details)

if you prefer the look of glass in your kitchen canister you might want to consider this 3-piece ribbed glass set, featuring a black lid that is supremely designed in the image of the Fleur de lis. The appeal is French elegance and if this is...

$74.84 as at 09:25 UTC. (Details)

This fabulous green, ceramic vase has the kind of look that would find it's comfort zone so easily in a French Country, shabby chic or even vintage decor.. It has that adorable rustic, well used look that is so in vogue today along with a...

$22.99 as at 11:27 UTC. (Details)

if your kitchen is decorated in reds you are going to love this set of "True Red" kitchen canisters to display and use.. There are four hand-painted, ceramic canisters in the Tuscany inspired  set that will indeed make a bold statement for...

$55.99 as at 07:43 UTC. (Details)

Part of a stunning black and white accessories set including a 4-piece kitchen canister set, a beautiful cookie jar all finished in a hand-painted black and white look featuring a fabulous fleur de lis design that will be a favorite with fans of...

$12.99 as at 23:15 UTC. (Details)

Every home needs a great cookie jar and if your kitchen is going through a black and white themed makeover i may have found the perfect cookie jar for that space.. if you are a fan of black and white decor you are going to love this jar as it is...

$31.99 as at 14:36 UTC. (Details)