Throughout time there have been elements of nature we found pleasing to the eye and alluring to our imagination for what they aspired to represent. One such ancient emblem is the enduring Fleur de lis, which has come to mean so much to so many for...

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In stunning gold and black comes this picturesque comfort mat featuring the Fleur de lis in a  spectacular, Harlequin themed design.. The non-slip backing has a foam cushion which is designed to help with fatigue, feet and back pain that can...

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Welcome everyone to your home with an elegant "Fleur de .lis" door mat in gorgeous two-tone natural coloring that will appeal to all fans of this beautiful motif. What makes this mat even more special is it's Eco-friendly stamp of approval as...

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Often found in a French Country style of decor, the enduring color of olive green takes center stage here, pairing beautifully with a durable, "heat set olefin" rug, while at the same celebrating the grandeur and timeless quality of the Fleur de...

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The Fleur de lis has a colorful history which spans into the unknown, but none may be more mysterious than it's association with the Knights Templar's .. Here we have a  historic Knights helmet symbolized with the Fleur de lis and ready to take...

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The Fleur de lis symbol lends itself superbly to this role as a highly decorative book end organizer and has been given the inspired look of an aged antiquity found, perhaps in an archeological dig somewhere in the south of France. They come in a...

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This cobalt blue, style color is always a popular choice in a Tuscany or French Country decor theme so this vase is bound to cause some excitement especially considering the fact that it is embellished with a beautiful Fleur de li motif.. The...

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This fabulous green, ceramic vase has the kind of look that would find it's comfort zone so easily in a French Country, shabby chic or even vintage decor.. It has that adorable rustic, well used look that is so in vogue today along with a...

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This is the kind of bed some of us dream about and here it is proving that dreams do come true in the form of this fairytale Queen size headboard/foot-board featuring the most divine French inspired "fleur de lis" scroll work with a chic...

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Enrich your decor look with a fringed, tapestry throw in gold and black hues with a repeat pattern of fleur de lis.. Size is 50" x 60" Fabric is 100% cotton - Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry on low setting. Average review rating is...

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"Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much" is a great mantra to live by and features on this bold, designer throw pillow with a striking Fleur de lis motif that will make a grand statement in any style of decor.. Size of pillow is 10-1/2" x...

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if you are looking for "high end bar stools that have an elegant classic look, your search may be over as i present to you this exceptionally beautiful " fleur de lis" bar stool in a superb distressed cherry with golden highlights finish, sporting a...

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Look what I found at the Paris flea-markets! A century past throw pillow bearing the mark of the fleur de lis and "olde world" reference to of lights and love.. It looks as though it is made of sack cloth (Burlap) so would be a...

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The Fleur de lis has journeyed through wars, religious ideals while appearing on a multitude of European coats of arms and flags over the centuries to arrive here in the 21st century looking none the worse for  wear considering for the countless...

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Perhaps the perfect addition for A French Country theme but I would like to stretch the versatility of this inspiring motif a little further and recommend you try in a contemporary setting also where it will be an impressive accent on a modern sofa...

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This is how the feur de lis really shines with  a cast iron, rustic appeal that just has the look of something, just been found in an archeological dig.. it may be designed as a door stop but this statuesque symbol could easily double as a...

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