If your home has a tribute here and there to the fabulous Fleur de lis, why not extend this decor style to the outdoors and install a rustic looking letterbox with embossed Fleur de lis symbols all around. This delightful mailbox is weatherproof...

$72.78 as at 15:50 UTC. (Details)

Ring the bell to announce your arrival and feel welcomed by all that live beyond the door.. Such is the spirit of a welcome bell and this one has all the hallmarks of a rustic/brown charmer that that may have been heralding in visitors to the home,...

$14.39 as at 15:50 UTC. (Details)

Hang this "Fleur de lis" wind spinner on the patio, porch or indoors by a window where a breeze will start the movement that will will hypnotize you with a kaleidoscope of colors flashing before your eyes. The effect is captivating and something you...

$23.95 as at 14:49 UTC. (Details)

A highly decorative and elegant way to hold your garden hose on the wall... The Fleur de lis is a stunning symbol and matches perfectly with a bronze metal (100% recycled aluminum) look that is rust proof, weather resistant and designed to add a...

$36.76 as at 14:39 UTC. (Details)