If you want your kitchen to have a "high end" appeal you can do no better than adding this elegant "Fleur de lis" paper towel holder to the mix. it really is beautiful and will set the stage in your kitchen for a sophisticated, stately...

$57.23 as at 23:21 UTC. (Details)

Take a glass pepper and salt shaker then add the enchanting Fleur de Li motif in gorgeous silver and you have a table accessory that is fit for a Royal banquet.. They have screw off lids and measure approx 2" x 2" x 3" Average review rating of...

$14.39 as at 04:11 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking for kitchen or bathroom canisters that are a "cut above the rest" in design and visual appeal you will be pleased to know you have just stumbled upon a set of unique canisters that are hand-crafted from brown luster glass and...

$90.16 as at 14:36 UTC. (Details)

if you prefer the look of glass in your kitchen canister you might want to consider this 3-piece ribbed glass set, featuring a black lid that is supremely designed in the image of the Fleur de lis. The appeal is French elegance and if this is...

$74.84 as at 09:25 UTC. (Details)

if your kitchen is decorated in reds you are going to love this set of "True Red" kitchen canisters to display and use.. There are four hand-painted, ceramic canisters in the Tuscany inspired  set that will indeed make a bold statement for...

$55.99 as at 07:43 UTC. (Details)

Part of a stunning black and white accessories set including a 4-piece kitchen canister set, a beautiful cookie jar all finished in a hand-painted black and white look featuring a fabulous fleur de lis design that will be a favorite with fans of...

$12.99 as at 23:15 UTC. (Details)

Every home needs a great cookie jar and if your kitchen is going through a black and white themed makeover i may have found the perfect cookie jar for that space.. if you are a fan of black and white decor you are going to love this jar as it is...

$31.99 as at 14:36 UTC. (Details)

How fabulous are these black and white kitchen canisters with an enchanting 'Fleur de lls design"? Perfect for a black and white themed kitchen where a touch of class is required which is what you will get with this gorgeous set of four...

$49.99 as at 00:55 UTC. (Details)

Beautiful, colorful Tuscan inspired tea set  with the added bonus of an elegant  embossed fleur de lis for the ultimate in stylish decoration. There are four hand-painted coffee/teacups and a wonderful teapot to complete the glazed, ceramic set...

$18.04 as at 13:14 UTC. (Details)

Who could ask for more of a fun, colorful kitchen canister than this set of four, hand-painted canisters featuring beautiful coffee design with the infamous fleur de lis making a grand appearance.. Could be a "must have" for coffee lovers who...

$39.99 as at 06:29 UTC. (Details)

Add a little French "joie de vivre" to your glass collection with this set of (6) fleur de lis goblets that come from the land of the Eiffel Tower where the Fleur de lis was once the emblem of the French monarchy who resided in the luxurious, Palace...

$71.81 as at 21:56 UTC. (Details)

it is somehow fitting that a French glass factory make this set of six goblets featuring their own darling "Fleur de Lis" stamped onto the glass like a royal coat of arms for you and I to enjoy... This is heavy duty glass designed to endure and...

$59.99 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

It's always nice to have wine glasses that present a different look and these inspiring glasses do just that,as they feature a superbly etched  'fleur de lis" design that adds a touch of opulence to the set.. There are four glasses in this...

$37.99 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

Etched in to the glass of each of these stemless wine glasses is a lovely fleur de is motif that could make these glasses a popular choice when the Saints game is on or just for those who admire this ancient lily flower that has been a part of...

$35.35 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

The etching on these glasses is a beautiful feature and well worth adding to your delightful collection of fleur de lis kitchen wares.. They come in a set of four and each hold 14 fluid ounces.They are also made from lead-free material and are...

$36.74 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

Here's a set of four hi-ball glasses that have been beautifully etched with a  classic fleur de lis design They each hold 15 ounces and are lead free, dishwasher safe and ready to grace your table.. Average review rating is 4.3 out of...

$35.99 as at 11:02 UTC. (Details)

Whether it be for cutting the cake at a family wedding or for your own stylish collection of tableware this platinum, stainless steel cake and knife servers set featuring a lovely fleur de lis motif with glittering crystal accents is simply...

$7.65 as at 04:11 UTC. (Details)

Beautiful as a gift or for your own personal use these eloquent, pewter style toasting flutes endowed with a classy fleur de lis design and decorative crystals accents will add a touch of elegance to your next toasting ceremony. Each flute...

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The beauty of these colorful "Tuscan" plates is they can be used for meals or displayed where you can enjoy the beauty of their colors and fleur de lis design everyday.. ideal for the French Country kitchen or for the avid fleur de lis...

$16.99 as at 05:17 UTC. (Details)

Ready to be gifted to that someone who will appreciate your thoughtful choice of a pewter inspired bottle opener decorated with the timeless, elegant symbolism of the "Fleur de lis" Everything has been created so perfectly here with a beautiful...

$0.51 as at 11:44 UTC. (Details)

I have to say and it would seem many others agree with me that these popular measuring spoons are simply beautiful with their elegant fleur de lis design.. Made of zinc alloy for durability this inspiring set of measuring spoons will be a delight...

$12.99 as at 11:44 UTC. (Details)

Forget the standard salt and pepper shaker we drag out of the cupboard onto the table at meal times when you can have something with a bit of fleur de lis pizazz. YES the symbol that many of us  have to know and love is be-speckled with glittery...

$16.99 as at 02:18 UTC. (Details)

Gone are the days when a kitchen cutting board was an unattractive piece of wood that was more a necessity than something visually appealing. Now looking at this design masterpiece featuring an artistic tribute to the "fleur de lis" it is clear...

$23.99 as at 02:18 UTC. (Details)

Everybody loves the cookie jar and as kids head for it after school and grownups sneak a sugary treat it is important to make it big enough to hold as many of those treasured cookies as possible. This rustic red cookie jar, with it's aged/retro...

$26.04 as at 20:39 UTC. (Details)

A French Country blue and yellow themed kitchen or dining area would benefit  visually  from this adorable Tuscany fruit bowl finished in an aged look with the delightful fleur de lis symbol embossed proudly on the front.. Size is  6-3/4"in...

$23.04 as at 21:57 UTC. (Details)

Part of a gorgeous colorful set here is an opportunity to add the Tuscan creamer and sugar, featuring an embossed fleur de lis to the rest of your growing collection of this ancient lily flower that has become a symbol of hope for those devastated...

$11.00 as at 02:18 UTC. (Details)

There has been a real buzz about this hand-painted Tuscan dinner set as it has the look of something very special. The jewel tone colors and design with a fleur de lis insignia has made it super popular with fans of this treasured lily flower as...

$39.04 as at 18:23 UTC. (Details)