Fleur De Lis Colorful Stained Glass Window Wall Art

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The Fleur de lis symbol became the heart of the French monarchy and it’s relationship to the church, through its legendary belief that this magnificent lily flower was given to Clovis,the first King of France as a symbol of his purification and conversion to Christianity. Clovis as a king was revered by the many royals who came after him so it was not surprisings to see Kings of France embrace this lily flower as a symbol of their faith and supreme prowess on the battlefield.

There are many beautiful Fleur de lis stained glass windows throughout Europe but none quite so magnificent as the one in the classic Gothic themed Cathedral Bourges, built around the 12th century and situated in central France. it could well have been Saint Joan of Arc who altered the course of French history while cementing the Fleur de lis as the emblem of her nation France, when she rode into battle against the English with a banner bearing this heraldic motif!

A stained glass window in a church is always a breathtaking sight so imagine having one on your wall for all to see and admire, especially of you place it where the light can shine through illuminating the gorgeous, kaleidoscope of colors. The size of the wall panel is approx.19″ x 25″ so it will serve as an inspiring visual feature with 289 pieces of glass and 30 cabochons which is French for gem. The stained glass window comes with a sturdy chain so you can hang it on the wall or in the window for a stunning visual effect.

if you are wondering how safe and secure the window will be as it makes it’s way to your home, you can feel fairly confident it will be well packed with Styrofoam in a strong cardboard box.. The price is very reasonable for such a lovely piece of art with an enduring timeless appeal!


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