Fleur De Lis

When Joan of Arc carried a white banner showing God blessing the French royal emblem..the Fleur de lis into battle against the British many centuries ago she would not have known just how symbolic this three point flower motif would become in the days ahead..

Never has a flower been incorporated into so many different ideals throughout time for it is thought designs in the image of this three point lily go back as far as Mesopotamia, a land considered the origins of civilization as we know it. Interestingly enough it can also be said the infamous fleur de lis has connections to the legendary tree of life which bore immortal fruit  and was a myth held by many ancient cultures throughout the world.

Both French and British monarchs used the stamp of the fleur de lis to express their royal status by displaying the design on their shields and coats of arms thus making this inspiring lily flower a symbol not only of perfection, purity and light  in connection with the holy trinity but of power which is why it is adopted as an insignia of various military groups.

With a history and mysticism so steeped in the past the fleur de lis is firmly entrenched in our lives as a symbol manifested by our ancient ancestors and carried forward to the present day where it lives and breathes through sports teams like the New Orleans Saints, the Boys Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, ..to name a few..

Home decor finds the fleur de lis in good stead as it’s beautiful visual appeal and symbolism makes it a very popular choice for various styles of interiors where it can be found in kitchen accessories, furniture, wall art and bedding because this ancient lily is possibly as old as time and an integral part of who we are since the beginning of life as we know it..