Heavyweight Heatset Olefin Fleur De Lis Rug

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Often found in a French Country style of decor, the enduring color of olive green takes center stage here, pairing beautifully with a durable, “heat set olefin” rug, while at the same celebrating the grandeur and timeless quality of the Fleur de lis.

Designed for strength and easy care, you will find this dynamic rug has a strong resistance to stains, odors and will not lose its richness in color due to a special process that aids in fade-resistance.This rug also drys out quickly when wet and is hardy enough to repel mildew and moisture.

Size is 1 Feet-10″ x 3″ Feet. if you would like a larger version sizing goes up in four stages to 7 Feet-10″ x 10 Feet-6″

Average review rating is 4 out of 5

“This rug is of a better quality than I expected, given the price. The colors are exactly as pictured, and the low pile has a high face weight. I would buy this again!” by Elizabeth A Blandford.



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