LINKWELL 18″x18″ Black Word Fleur De Lis Burlap Cushion Covers Pillow Case

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Throughout time there have been elements of nature we found pleasing to the eye and alluring to our imagination for what they aspired to represent. One such ancient emblem is the enduring Fleur de lis, which has come to mean so much to so many for it’s emotive symbolism and decorative appeal!

This timeless motif has been a favorite of French royals and was first seen on the French coat of arms around the 12th century where it was said to symbolize perfection, light and life but the story of this beautiful flower goes back a lot further than that as it’s innate mystique caused it be used widely as a decorative motif and embraced by certain religions who associate this lily flower with the purity of the Virgin Mary.

You’ll find the Fleur de lis featured consistently in French country decor, design as seen here on this handmade, burlap cushion cover featuring this unofficial emblem of France in black lettering on a natural colored background, perfect for a Paris, shabby chic or contemporary theme!

The size of the cover is 18″ x 18,” while the fabric is linen/cotton and it’s a good idea to add some salt to the first hand wash to maintain the color. There may a little variance in the look and color between covers as they are individually handmade

This is a superbly designed cushion cover at an extremely generous price and at this point before ordering I would like to remind you that it doesn’t come with an insert but hopefully you might find you have one in the linen cupboard that will fit, other wise you can order a new insert.

The fabulous Fleur de lis is as popular today as it was in the ancient Mesopotamia era of early civilization, billions of years ago, proving that this eternal flower of hope and heraldry lower may have more stories to tell.

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