This intricately designed fleur de lis wall sculpture might just be a "must have" for the home themed in this mesmerizing lily flower.. Size is 25" in width x 23" in height. (Made of premium grade, rust free metal alloy) Average review rating...

$27.78 as at 06:08 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking for "high end bar stools that have an elegant classic look, your search may be over as i present to you this exceptionally beautiful " fleur de lis" bar stool in a superb distressed cherry with golden highlights finish, sporting a...

$499.00 as at 16:20 UTC. (Details)

Fabulous piece of metal wall art that doubles as an antique style wall clock featuring a rustic wooden face with highly decorative, black hands, surrounded by classic French.. fleur de lis symbols Size is 36" in diameter. Takes 1-AA battery (Not...

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\If you are looking for a wall clock that has an artistic flavor and celebrates the beauty and elegance of the fleur de lis then you are bound to fall in love with this bronze beauty that once on your wall will create an inspiring focal point that...

$29.95 as at 04:08 UTC. (Details)

Look what I found at the Paris flea-markets! A century past throw pillow bearing the mark of the fleur de lis and "olde world" reference to of lights and love.. It looks as though it is made of sack cloth (Burlap) so would be a...

$4.50 as at 16:20 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis has journeyed through wars, religious ideals while appearing on a multitude of European coats of arms and flags over the centuries to arrive here in the 21st century looking none the worse for  wear considering for the countless...

$27.99 as at 10:39 UTC. (Details)

Perhaps the perfect addition for A French Country theme but I would like to stretch the versatility of this inspiring motif a little further and recommend you try in a contemporary setting also where it will be an impressive accent on a modern sofa...

$25.99 as at 10:52 UTC. (Details)

Everybody loves the cookie jar and as kids head for it after school and grownups sneak a sugary treat it is important to make it big enough to hold as many of those treasured cookies as possible. This rustic red cookie jar, with it's aged/retro...

$26.04 as at 20:39 UTC. (Details)

A French Country blue and yellow themed kitchen or dining area would benefit  visually  from this adorable Tuscany fruit bowl finished in an aged look with the delightful fleur de lis symbol embossed proudly on the front.. Size is  6-3/4"in...

$23.04 as at 21:57 UTC. (Details)

Part of a gorgeous colorful set here is an opportunity to add the Tuscan creamer and sugar, featuring an embossed fleur de lis to the rest of your growing collection of this ancient lily flower that has become a symbol of hope for those devastated...

$11.00 as at 02:18 UTC. (Details)

There has been a real buzz about this hand-painted Tuscan dinner set as it has the look of something very special. The jewel tone colors and design with a fleur de lis insignia has made it super popular with fans of this treasured lily flower as...

$39.04 as at 18:23 UTC. (Details)

These colorful canisters embellished with an embossed fleur de lis motif would be a dazzling addition to various styles of kitchen decor including French Country, Tuscan, Farmhouse, Retro/Vintage and of course a kitchen dedicated to a fabulous fleur...

$69.99 as at 15:56 UTC. (Details)

if you desire a very elegant coaster in neutral/bronze tones to act as an accent while not in use you can hardly do better that one designed with the fleur de lis insignia. You would be in the company of European royalty who embraced this lily...

$14.99 as at 05:00 UTC. (Details)

The origins of the Fleur de lis are shrouded in legends and mystique but  as early as the 10th century this lily flower was appearing on French seals, coins and by the 12th century it was evident on the French coat of arms. Today we revere this...

$24.66 as at 23:21 UTC. (Details)

A magnificent, artistic rendition of the fleur de lis ready to hang proudly on your wall or door.. Joan of  Arc carried with pride a white banner bearing the French royal emblem.."the fleur de lis" into battle against the British many eons ago...

$32.27 as at 22:55 UTC. (Details)

It probably wouldn't matter how the Fleur de lis was presented because it is one of those rare designs that look good in any format.. No problem here as this set of 3 fleur de lis symbols made of metal in a fabulous finish of color and rustic...

$27.19 as at 22:00 UTC. (Details)

Part of a delightful matching set this Fleur de lis kitchen terry towel is the ideal gift for the hostess with a fleur de lis or French Country themed kitchen.. These black and tan terry towels are so beautiful I suggest if you were planning to...

$5.97 as at 05:00 UTC. (Details)

The innate beauty of the Fleur de lis symbol transforms a humble kitchen pot holder into an artistic work of art that will bring a "touch of elegance" to your kitchen.. Size is approx 8" x 8" - made of 100% cotton Coordinates with matching...

$6.42 as at 04:49 UTC. (Details)

Creating A Fleur de lis themed kitchen or have a friend who is? Then this designer oven mitt finished in the most eloquent fleur de lis design and the colors of black and tan is a must have for the fan of this popular motif.. Size is 13' in...

$7.74 as at 03:05 UTC. (Details)

What a dignified gift this elegant set of dishtowels would make for the person who has an affection for the fleur de lis design and symbolism.. The come in a set of three and are superbly presented with the "lily of the valley" insignia in...

$12.99 as at 03:05 UTC. (Details)

It's amazing how a beautiful design like the Fleur de lis can make a towel holder into something extra special.. With a black cast iron finish and a padded base to prevent tipping and scratching your counter-top, this charming towel holder will...

$17.60 as at 03:05 UTC. (Details)

Rich, red silken valance with a beautifully embroidered fleur de lis applique will add a touch of imperial class to any decor whether it be traditional or very modern in style.... A splash of red will bring a room to life and this valance will light...

$55.00 as at 02:07 UTC. (Details)

Catch this gorgeous gold valance, with a pretty embroidered fleur de lis motif on a faux silk fabric that gives the look of natural silk The colors are beautiful and will create a delightful backdrop to your style of decor.. Size is 50" in width...

$26.29 as at 18:27 UTC. (Details)

This is how the feur de lis really shines with  a cast iron, rustic appeal that just has the look of something, just been found in an archeological dig.. it may be designed as a door stop but this statuesque symbol could easily double as a...

$8.20 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis has continued to be an enduring symbol of France and historically represents the French monarchy where it was considered to signify light, hope and perfection.. it's no surprise that a motif as beautiful as this would find it's...

$22.00 as at 16:42 UTC. (Details)