Welcome everyone to your home with an elegant "Fleur de .lis" door mat in gorgeous two-tone natural coloring that will appeal to all fans of this beautiful motif. What makes this mat even more special is it's Eco-friendly stamp of approval as...

$15.99 as at 14:37 UTC. (Details)

Ring the bell to announce your arrival and feel welcomed by all that live beyond the door.. Such is the spirit of a welcome bell and this one has all the hallmarks of a rustic/brown charmer that that may have been heralding in visitors to the home,...

$14.39 as at 15:50 UTC. (Details)

If you want your kitchen to have a "high end" appeal you can do no better than adding this elegant "Fleur de lis" paper towel holder to the mix. it really is beautiful and will set the stage in your kitchen for a sophisticated, stately...

$57.23 as at 23:21 UTC. (Details)

Create a captivating wall feature, with this glamorous Fleur de lis "work of art!" This popular, ancient symbol has the ability to transcend decor trends and styles with it's innate beauty and symbolism that has special meaning to so many and...

$11.20 as at 13:44 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis has a colorful history which spans into the unknown, but none may be more mysterious than it's association with the Knights Templar's .. Here we have a  historic Knights helmet symbolized with the Fleur de lis and ready to take...

$13.45 as at 10:39 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de lis symbol lends itself superbly to this role as a highly decorative book end organizer and has been given the inspired look of an aged antiquity found, perhaps in an archeological dig somewhere in the south of France. They come in a...

$11.14 as at 11:11 UTC. (Details)

A stylish curtain rod can add so much character to a window setting and what could be more elegant and beautiful than a  golden rod in the image of the "Fleur de lis" The rod comes with two finials, two brackets and hardware for easy...

$19.99 as at 14:39 UTC. (Details)

Ever since it was introduced in the courts of French kings nearly a thousand years ago, the fleur-de-lis has been a popular symbol of light, life, and the continuing importance of heraldic imagery and philosophy in modern life. The French used it to...

A highly decorative and elegant way to hold your garden hose on the wall... The Fleur de lis is a stunning symbol and matches perfectly with a bronze metal (100% recycled aluminum) look that is rust proof, weather resistant and designed to add a...

$36.76 as at 14:39 UTC. (Details)

This cobalt blue, style color is always a popular choice in a Tuscany or French Country decor theme so this vase is bound to cause some excitement especially considering the fact that it is embellished with a beautiful Fleur de li motif.. The...

$21.99 as at 01:12 UTC. (Details)

Beautiful, colorful Tuscan inspired tea set  with the added bonus of an elegant  embossed fleur de lis for the ultimate in stylish decoration. There are four hand-painted coffee/teacups and a wonderful teapot to complete the glazed, ceramic set...

$18.04 as at 13:14 UTC. (Details)

Who could ask for more of a fun, colorful kitchen canister than this set of four, hand-painted canisters featuring beautiful coffee design with the infamous fleur de lis making a grand appearance.. Could be a "must have" for coffee lovers who...

$39.99 as at 06:29 UTC. (Details)

Some of us love to hang wreaths on our door at different times of the year or for various occasions.. and it is always nice to have a solid and decorative wreath hanger to do the job well.. This super popular fleur de lis wreath hanger will do...

$7.89 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

it is somehow fitting that a French glass factory make this set of six goblets featuring their own darling "Fleur de Lis" stamped onto the glass like a royal coat of arms for you and I to enjoy... This is heavy duty glass designed to endure and...

$59.99 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

It's always nice to have wine glasses that present a different look and these inspiring glasses do just that,as they feature a superbly etched  'fleur de lis" design that adds a touch of opulence to the set.. There are four glasses in this...

$37.99 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

The etching on these glasses is a beautiful feature and well worth adding to your delightful collection of fleur de lis kitchen wares.. They come in a set of four and each hold 14 fluid ounces.They are also made from lead-free material and are...

$36.74 as at 11:51 UTC. (Details)

Whether it be for cutting the cake at a family wedding or for your own stylish collection of tableware this platinum, stainless steel cake and knife servers set featuring a lovely fleur de lis motif with glittering crystal accents is simply...

$7.65 as at 04:11 UTC. (Details)

Beautiful as a gift or for your own personal use these eloquent, pewter style toasting flutes endowed with a classy fleur de lis design and decorative crystals accents will add a touch of elegance to your next toasting ceremony. Each flute...

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This is the kind of bed some of us dream about and here it is proving that dreams do come true in the form of this fairytale Queen size headboard/foot-board featuring the most divine French inspired "fleur de lis" scroll work with a chic...

$216.66 as at 04:36 UTC. (Details)

The beauty of these colorful "Tuscan" plates is they can be used for meals or displayed where you can enjoy the beauty of their colors and fleur de lis design everyday.. ideal for the French Country kitchen or for the avid fleur de lis...

$16.99 as at 05:17 UTC. (Details)

Ready to be gifted to that someone who will appreciate your thoughtful choice of a pewter inspired bottle opener decorated with the timeless, elegant symbolism of the "Fleur de lis" Everything has been created so perfectly here with a beautiful...

$0.51 as at 11:44 UTC. (Details)

I have to say and it would seem many others agree with me that these popular measuring spoons are simply beautiful with their elegant fleur de lis design.. Made of zinc alloy for durability this inspiring set of measuring spoons will be a delight...

$12.99 as at 11:44 UTC. (Details)

Forget the standard salt and pepper shaker we drag out of the cupboard onto the table at meal times when you can have something with a bit of fleur de lis pizazz. YES the symbol that many of us  have to know and love is be-speckled with glittery...

$16.99 as at 02:18 UTC. (Details)

Gone are the days when a kitchen cutting board was an unattractive piece of wood that was more a necessity than something visually appealing. Now looking at this design masterpiece featuring an artistic tribute to the "fleur de lis" it is clear...

$23.99 as at 02:18 UTC. (Details)

Look what I found at the Paris flea-markets! A century past throw pillow bearing the mark of the fleur de lis and "olde world" reference to Paris..city of lights and love.. It looks as though it is made of sack cloth (Burlap) so would be a...

$4.50 as at 16:20 UTC. (Details)

Perhaps the perfect addition for A French Country theme but I would like to stretch the versatility of this inspiring motif a little further and recommend you try in a contemporary setting also where it will be an impressive accent on a modern sofa...

$25.99 as at 10:52 UTC. (Details)

This is how the feur de lis really shines with  a cast iron, rustic appeal that just has the look of something, just been found in an archeological dig.. it may be designed as a door stop but this statuesque symbol could easily double as a...

$8.20 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)